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A Seminal View of Consciousness, Cosmology and the Congruent of Science and Spirituality

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Cosmic Conundrum:
Who Am I?

A Galactic Citizen  offers tips on personal awareness and consciousness.

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are we one? transformation of consciousness

Are We One?

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phoenix meditation, zen benefiel, visualize harmony, transformational life coachThe great thing about discovery is that we are willing to go the extra steps to gain entrance into the realms of new knowledge and/or experience. The accompanying tune here is from Journey's first album. Just listen to it for a moment, the words are sublime. The tune actually facilitated one of the most profound experiences of my life.


Jeez, how does one willingly expose their experience, insights and perceptions for the scrutiny of the world? We at the Mothership Café believe that Truth has a way of resonating with the deepest part of your BEing whenever it is present. 'We' take many forms throughout humanity now as wayshowers, world servers and wandering minstrels in the darkness of consciousness, those places yet undiscovered...


Do we profess to have all the Truth... hardly. We may have no truth at all. We may only have a speck in the vastness of 'what is.' What we seek to do here is make some information available that isn't always openly shared. Converting personal experience in attempts to articulate something beyond the petty survival notions we all share is a challenge.


Sharing things out of the realms of direct experience of others, whether a few or many, challenges the intellect and hardens the heart of those who cannot relate in most cases. We live in a world full of conditions. I've dared to challenge those conditions on many an occasion.


This one's life has been littered with trials and tribulations no one should havezendor to bear. His fear is great, according to Jesus, regarding the fulfillment of his mission - work with others in order to facilitate a 'new world order' of harmony among people and planet.


He's the first to admit that he is no one 'special,' but his experiences are a bit out of this world. He was in the middle of an NDE/STE when he was 'given' this mission. Is he alone? Doubtful. He is charismatic, outspoken and transformative; often full of himself by his own admission. Who else would he be full of then?


Some of our featured articles and stories come from folks who just want to share their experiences whether they have all the definitive answers or not. Our material does include constipated conspiratorial considerations, although we do recommend a relaxative. Oftentimes seekers write from a place of discovery that wants to disclose the deceitful, but we encourage you to look beyond the anger borne of fear. What is next?


As a matter of fact, most of the truth seekers only want to share what we know can possibly help us all. Communication and collaboration are key components of creating any kind of agreed upon reality. The inspiration that continually prompts us to aspire toward greater service is undeniable in the quest of cosmic conundrum... Who am I?


Since there is only me in this body we can move forward with a short introduction. My first contact came just after my 6th birthday in the form of a voice that simply called out, "Hey You!" as I stood in front of a window looking out over our front porch. Even then I knew life was different, but some how the same.


ashtar command zendor logoThe orange cigar-shaped ships showed up a couple of years later, collaborative information arrived a decade and a half later with Ruth Montgomery's book. A near-death experience in college, complete with a 'divine discussion,' set my course for a profoundly interesting life. It borders on incredulous, even in my own mind.


Over a decade later during a full moon in the summer of 1988 and intense transitional period of my life I asked, "Who am I?" internally (silently) during a full-moon meditation. My answer came out of the mouth of a friend sitting next to me... "You are Zendor,"  with an accompanying visual display with my 'second sight.' How am I supposed to respond to that? How would you have responded? I put it on the shelf to test later, with plenty of serendipitous opportunities to follow.


A few months after 'Zendor' appeared I was investigating a channel as my duty for the New Age Alliance, a early spiritual cooperative in Phoenix. Without prior conversation and during his 'trance,' he asked me if I wanted to know who my parents were and, after I affirmed the desire, told me they were Ashtar and Athena.




I did not want to hear it so bad that I completely blocked, or nearly so, my listening. All I heard was the first syllable of each. My daughter had to tell me what he said. More information that I'm not sure I wanted, but apparently needed at that moment.


I had no idea who Ashtar and Athena were at the time, but their entrance (or return from childhood as the case may be) spun me sideways. We'd been converts to the Mormon Church, married and sealed in the Temple even, yet I could not deny the resonance I felt deep inside with this notion of kinship. zen benefiel, don ware, cyndi lapore, international ufo congress 2011


I wanted to know the truth. I pressed on. My life was about to change in ways I never dreamed possible. On Earth I had to deal with open relationship conditions that weren't necessarily my choice in order to remain a family. Children can be grossly misled by distance and stories when it doesn't work out. It took me 18 years to get to have some quality time and sever damage was done to relationships.


I've had enough wisdom to be critical of these experiences and my performance in the real world as well, but I still cannot deny that these things happen. As if I could ignore them by any means, others participate through detection, perception, reflection and validation regardless of what I think. Trust me, some of these experiences were so bizarre that if I wasn't there I would have a hard time believing them. No matter.


It appears many have similar experineces and seek to find places where we feel accepted, safe and validated. I'm still confused by 'names' folks use because it's always been vibration for me - no names or titles. Seems we need that here on Earth, though. All is fair when the many are learning to be One. So many paths lead to the same place. Now what do we do? How do we take it to the next step?


Those 'parents' I was told about turned out to be the focus of much speculation, written material and folks 'channel' information about them regularly to this day. I've learned not to trust anything that comes out of someone's mouth. Deception is very easy with people who like drama.


human hybrid, yin yangThe 'mission' for us all is to learn to get along, achieve harmony and enter our rightful place in universe affairs. I pay attention to practical advice, guidance and technology that builds a better world so that we can grow global relationships. Again, all about vibration.


You see, I know we have no enemies from the stars or other worlds - and so do our governments and military. Paul Hellyer, retired Canadian Defense Minister, had the presence of mind to speak openly about the Military Industrial Complex's knowledge of the fact.


Still, our government's objective is to protect and serve the people. There are mixed feelings as to how to protect and serve now. Humanity has plenty of enemies right here on Earth, vying for control and dominance. It is such a disappointment that fear of each other has become such a controlling factor.


Oftentimes we think there is a price for everything, and sometimes there is, but not always is that the case. The greatest gifts are those that come from sincere efforts to grow and learn. Once you commit, the universe answers with astounding perfection and will rock your world many times over in the process. In the 30 plus years I've been awake and aware I've witnessed more weird and wild stuff than I can sometimes remember, until someone reminds me.

You'll find information and resources here that you may not find elsewhere on the Net, and even if you could it would take you a lot of hours of searching. The truth is often stranger than fiction... and much more exciting.


From an associate, "Few have stepped up to share their experiences like Zen has, risking his life in the public eye to bring you closer to your own ability to experience the truth available for everyone to find. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and open-hearted even when his questions may put you on edge..."


We hope that you share and refer folks and friends back here. We certainly have a lot to offer and don't ask much in return. Buy the books... buy the books... buy the books.... and maybe a CD or two. :) Hey, this kind of work doesn't pay for itself.


However, if you'd like to host an event or a workshop we can make it well worth your while. Zen was also an event evangelist in this life, too. He's managed multi-million dollar productions from start to finish, but he most enjoys the small intimate environments for conversation and communion.


There is plenty of room for everyone on the Mothership, so grab a drink and a chair and settle in for a while. Bookmark the page, because you'll want to come back.



If you'd like for Zen to speak to your group and/or provide some experiential training processes, please contact us. All he requires is transportation, lodging and meals. Donations are appreciated but never expected... Just click on the tip jar and you can donate through PayPal.