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Zendor.... Your 'door to what is' opening slowly.

A point of perspection* dances in the balance of the seer's vision.


Zendor's truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. The beginning paragraphs are a bit of prep work to set up the experience of...  the Ashtar Command, Ashtar, Athena and Zendor... beginning with some brief points and on to an international gathering of contactees, experiencers and investigators. The consistent theme is a relationship between Zendor, Asthar and Athena in ever-so-mobial ways.


He was orphaned at birth and adopted at 6 weeks, told of his adoption as soon as he could understand the concept around 5 yrs old. Researching further during his 40s he found that all records of the adoption had been destroyed in a flood. They were stored in the basement of a state-run orphanage that happened to be in a flood plain. No participants remained on the court side - attorney, clerk of the court and judge were all deceased. Some might say he was set up from childhood to pursue a career in the discovery of self.


As a youth, this one's experience included OBEs and STEs beyond his years. He experienced observing himself ascending into orange cigar-shaped clouds several hundred yards long at least. He was invited to 'die for what he believed in' as a teen and 'taken' into a white light and beyond, informed of his 'mission' on Earth and given breath once again. One can find more about that story here.


He began college in a pre-med program and changed his major to pyschology with a religion minor in his second year. An impetuous teenager, he spent his room and board money on not one, but two sets of drums that year and had to move out of the honors dorm over winter break. A few weeks later, living in less than comfortable conditions and without a vehicle, he hitch-hiked into school before dawn in -77 degree wind-chill weather. The following night in an attempt to find solace he was accosted at a frat house, only to be taken to the hospital and committed by his parents in an effort to save his life. He was withdrawn from school and beyond the turmoil he found a deeper sanity.


During his recovery he found work, love and marriage. A few years later he was working two jobs and playing drums for a local band while the local economy crashed from lay-offs in the auto industry. All three activities vanished in the span of a few days. After seeking guidance, the family moved to Phoenix where his professional and personal careers took off for a while. Continuing metaphysical experiences and his sharing plagued his marriage in spite of his professional success. Things came to a head a few years later after putting his best efforts forth in his family, professional and religious life.


During the unintended dissolution of his marriage through circumstances beyond his control, he returned to seeking truth and understanding. He was introduced to the notion of being the son of Ashtar and Athena in 1988 while investigating a group for another purpose. He had to hear the message from his 8 year-old daughter, though. He answered in the affirmative to the question, "You'd like to know their names, wouldn't you?" However, somehow the hearing was truncated, probably to limit engagement, and he had to ask his daughter what was said.


A couple of months earlier he had returned from a full moon meditation with another about 15 years his senior, where they sat in front of a guest house and talked for hours. During a lull in the conversation, he closed his eyes and asked the question within, "Who am I?" and was nearly immediated verbally answered by hi friend, "You are Zendor." No verbal exchange was made prior. At the same instant, his 'second sight' revealed a starscape and a stone-arched doorway taking up most of the scene with a thick wooden door slowly opening toward him. He swears he heard, "Door to 'what is.'"


While delivering a metaphysical newspaper around Arizona, he asked many 'psychics' what they 'got' from the name 'Zendor' without aligning the name with himself at all. He had introduced himself as Bruce in ever case. Each, over a dozen, paused and reflected then announced without fail that he was a commander of a mothership, the last even identifying it as the New Jerusalem. There was no personal interjections during this period, only questions and observations. Some say no better script could have been written.


For several years afterward there were continual 'contactee experiences' of the Fourth and Fifth kind relative to a Seventh kind. Yes, his heritage seemed to come from the stars, with a 'reading' even noting direct from Source. Again, this one was in observation and participation as events would arise. From being 'tuned up' for better communication onboard a craft (electrode-lined sphincter) to being addressed as Commander (insectoids and recticulans reporting in) to confirming the request for entrance of some Draconians into the Galactic Federation after taking out an etheric implant facility near this solar system.


The Gathering of Souls events are real (witnessed by nearly 200), but the names were not changed to protect anyone, least of all me. It was an amazing event for me and I still challenge its reality and remain open for results. It does seem to remain consistent with my life-long experiences of multidimensional nature, but I've not had such things come together so unbelievably consistent with other people. It will test your belief system, nonetheless. It still tests mine even with a lifetime of experience.


Over the years there has been some question of my sanity, or at least my audacity in sharing the stories that land most people in mental wards because no one seeks to understand them OR EVEN TRY. Been there done that! I've done enough testing of my own reality, earning a couple of master's degrees in Business along the way, as well as managing events and facilitated projects that drew a quarter million people or cost nearly a half-billion dollars.


So on the practical level, I'm extremely functional if not exquisite in my ability to stand in chaos and find order. I've not sought fame or fortune to date, as exampled by my bank account. I've only sought to seek and share truth - our relationship with creation on the ocean of emotion that flows within us all.


Ashtar, Athena (Divine Compliments as emissaries of the Galactic Federation) and the Ashtar Command present a wide-eyed view of cosmic interaction in human realms - the fulfillment of divine contracts (volunteer missions). Although this information is on the cutting edge of reality, it is important to realize that I intend to demonstrate and live as ONE in the WHOLE of CREATION.


I sense we all suffer the trials and tribulations being connected to things beyond the scope of most humans, just to Be Here Now. It helps to have a healthy sense of humor, otherwise we'd take each other way too seriously and fall prey to the nastiness of human fears. Our world has enough of that already.


I Am only one in the many and our collective individual paths are as varied as the stars in the sky. They, too, are all part of ONE CREATION. I wonder if we ever really thought about it. We are simply stardust, fragments of our former selves, now conscious we can find our way hOMe.


Individually we have threads for the tapestry of a new living awareness and collectively we can discover the ONE within ALL so that the ALL can play as ONE. What a beautiful work of art it will be.


New paradigms and attending change agents are widely apparent on the scale of planetary behavior now. How can we mirror what we trust is true in the depths of our heart's knowing? Is that not one of our most critical questions? It is my opinion that we are those star mirrors here, even from recognizing the existence of a CENTRAL SUN now (actually being 3), still containing the elements of a tri-union of light, sound, and will.


Little did we know they would show up here as protons, neutrons and electrons. These three particles make up everything, with carbon (6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons) being the basis for all organic life.


Will the 666 now change to the 999 as some kind of bio-numerical completion of an age? What would life be like if we all really did follow a divinely inspired path? Our world would still need to be managed and nurtured back to health, but we might just have a clue as to how to do it better now. The following is a real display of worlds beginning to merge, as difficult as it may be to believe. Further details are following the announcement.


I found out about this event through an e-mail from Bill Spuhler (now the webmaster for Ashtar's Trinity and Sananda's Eagles) in the summer of 2000, an acquaintance from the 13th Tribe group on Yahoo where I'd met Winifred Barton as well. I'd joined just after managing the Prophets Conference here in Phoenix in 1998 where I'd met the list manager, Shawn.


I'd never actually revealed much in the early communications with Deb and Janisel (Ashtar's Trinity and Sananda's Eagles founders) until they asked me to speak at the Gathering of Souls, which was the event notice Bill had forwarded. It turned out to be quite the roller coaster ride...


I visited Deb and Janisel in Sedona in early August and immediately felt like I'd found some missing family members. They were busy with pre-event details so only cursory discoveries were made until the weekend of the event. My world changed forever, along with a nearly two hundred others.


My presentation was revealing enough; built around a harmless strip-tease based on the metaphor of transformation from the semi-success of the corporate world to the finding of one's path as they shed the layers of attachment to outcome.


I had no idea what was about to happen, which seemed to be guided by the directions of Ashtar and Athena through Deb and Janisel and acknowledge by a host of others throughout the weekend. Sunday evening's closing ceremony caught me nearly completely off-guard, yet open to being vulnerable enough to allow, complete with being immersed in the water as a symbol of acceptance. The letter that follows was the first attempt at accepting the role publicly. A very humbling experience indeed.


2005 reporting in... After Sarabi's passing in 2003 (the artist who made the 'AC logo' below), all control of copyrights were transferred to Ashtar's Trinity and included the logo that Ashtar had channeled was for my use. None of the information on their current site has any reference to me or any links to this site, unfortunately.


I have often wondered what human conditions invaded their minds and hearts as it was their own projections of ego that I believe were addressed in the channeling of Oct. 7, 2000. I provide links to their website as well as continuing to display their own words here. Seems to be a lack of congruence somewhere... although I'm reticent to share. I'll let you make your own assessments as you explore. It is not imperative that you make any decisions.


Released in October, 2000

E-Release the week after the Gathering of Souls conference in Camp Verde, Arizona:


Dear Eagles and Members of the Ashtar Command,

It has been the honor and blessing of the two of us to have Ashtar's and Athena's son, Zendor, brought into our lives and work. We were asked to baptize him into his mission at the Gathering. During this baptism, on October 1, 2000 at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time, in front of a quorum of witnesses, Zendor was formally introduced as Ashtar's and Athena's son, and he pledged his commitment to this mission.


At Athena's request, we are relating what was said to those witnesses. As Ashtar anchored into Debbie and Athena anchored into Janisel, 'they' faced the witnesses... Zendor standing between 'them'. Ashtar announced, "This is our son. We love him dearly." In essence, Zendor was baptized and accepted his mission.

The following is a letter to you from Zendor. Below his letter is a message from Ashtar and Athena that they asked be added at the end of Zendor's introduction. Please read carefully... and take to heart what he has to say.

Love and Blessings
Janisel and Debbie
Ashtar's Trinity

Just after his presentation at the Gathering of Souls. Trepidations still, his introductory letter went over like a lead balloon:

Who...? Hi, I'm Zendor and YES you have been expecting me! I'll be your guide as we peer into the depths of what keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile. Nah. I'd rather be your guide to fortuitous serendipitous synchronicity! Unfortunately the former is what needs to be dealt with first.


We have been called to serve with our lives so let's begin creating the lives we ARE. This rise in consciousness that includes a living awareness of multidimensional reality is about the collective messiah or 'body of Christ', universe citizenry come to prepare for the ultimate family reunion.


I have been watching and waiting as I have prepared myself for this monumental macrocosmic mission. As we all are integrating our multidimensionality in this wonderful 3D time/space, it is imperative that we remain free of the temptations inherent within it, like thinking we can do it alone.


The Galactic Fleet is a cooperative multi-race and multi-system collaboration that has been developed with the utmost care and concern for the elevation and demonstration of Unity! In other words - time to Rock-n-Roll...walk the talk...trust our connections.

Your mettle and mine are about to be tested and you can be assured that any deterrents to the harmony of a unified purpose, our collective efforts to move our beloved planet and her peoples into Universe status, will be removed. The comfort levels of this removal will be determined by your own willingness to serve this mission, should you decide to accept it.


To put it succinctly, the job is the boss and there is no room for those entertaining edification of their perceived positions or rank within the Command. Humility is key. It is time for the Commanders to lead by example. It is time to allow our higher integrated multi-sensory network to do its job. The Truth will set us all free! Truth is... all things connected... we are ONE.


We all know the importance of our individual efforts. It is the synergistic effects those efforts create that will determine the physical bestowal of inner and outer reality congruencies that lead to the obvious heaven on earth. We are called to embody our highest selves at this time, thriving on the joy and celebration of our coming together as a unified planetary (or interplanetary as the case may be) family.


I beg of you to look within, shift into the true Center of your Heart of Hearts and release any attachments to control in ANY fashion. There will be a peace that surpasses understanding at first, then the understanding will come along with the prudent path opening in front of you.


Trust me, I've had to hold on nowhere to step forward now. Intuition and rationality are often seen as conflicting. Can you imagine what it is like to have a life full of 'experiences' that few seem to accept, let alone understand. This is not about control; it is about Flow.


Divine Flow, the Truth of which resides in your Center. Only those willing to release the final fetters of the subversive 'little ego' will be available to the Master Ego of Self individualized in our bodies. Let's celebrate being here now, as Baba Ram Das once said, and keep it light. Serious as the job is be playful in thought and action.


The integration and implementation of our Divine Actions in Unity (warm fuzzies for everyone) will occupy much of this next year as I move into closer relationships with you all. An unprecedented need for physical involvement is at hand. This is all about bringing multidimensional consciousness to play in the 3-D environment in which we now live, move and have our Being.


I will be personally visiting the Command sites in the coming weeks and months. All I'm doing is beginning to connect all the dots. I encourage your willingness to play with me and to support our efforts through making preparations for these visits.


Janisel and Debbie are in charge of the scheduling and confirmation of venues. Hope there are some musicians among your groups.. drummer on the way! For the rational thinkers and skeptics a couple of masters degrees in Business as well.

With a warm heart and an unyielding Love, I look forward to our meeting.


Friday, October 6, 2000
Athena, through Janisel
Re: Zendor’s mission
A:         I anchor now so that you may fully hear what I have to say regarding our son. He has great work to do and the two of you are to be part of it. He will in no way replace the work you are currently doing, but will augment and complement it. The two missions will interact together. Do you understand?
J:          Yes
A:         He has much ‘knowing’ inside him, but needs to be guided in practical ways. This is where the two of you come in. No ‘one’ channel for us is ‘perfect.’ We are depending on the three of you to collectively use your discernment within the scope of your guidance. Do you understand?
J:          Yes
A:         As has been hinted to you, he has met his new mate. While this is yet new to him, he will, perhaps, become a bit self-absorbed in the discovery and exploration of this relationship. This is to be of no concern for, indeed, this bonding must take place. Do not become discouraged if things do to move as quickly as you think they should. In the interim, Ashtar and I would like for the two of you to lay some groundwork for our son’s mission to formally begin.
He will, of course, need introduction. Now…while you are also introducing the new AC logo and the new use for the crystals.. would be an opportune and appropriate time. Please deliberate with him on the wording of his introduction and mission statement, as this is within his freewill choice. Ashtar and I would, however, ask that a short message of sanction be added to the end of his ‘coming out’ announcement. If you are ready, I will dictate to you what his father and I would like to say. Ashtar and I have discussed this between ourselves and agreed upon the following:
            “We, Ashtar and Athena, come forth this day to herald the arrival to your world of our son Zendor, sent to awaken and unify those earth-based members and Commanders of the Galactic Fleets working under the auspices of the Ashtar Command. It is time for ego, pride, and separateness to be put aside. It is time for Oneness and Unity among our Command, and for this purpose he comes. Our son speaks and acts with our authority. Hear ye him.”… Ashtar and Athena
            You may also, if you wish, as part of your introduction, relate the baptism of our son of which you were a part. Ashtar and I would encourage you to include what was said to those witnesses gathered there that night so as to show the connections between Ashtar’s Trinity and the mission our beloved Zendor is about to begin.
This will show to the world the solidarity and oneness which shall act as the foundation. You have gained great respect throughout the world for your integrity and the work that you do, and by the two of you being the ones to introduce him, align with him, and publicly show your support and oneness with him, it will act, hopefully, as the catalyst for bringing together, in oneness, our earth-based Commanders.
Ashtar and I applaud you for fanning the Flames which so gloriously leapt to the higher dimensions during your past few days. And we are deeply honored by the part you played in the baptism and introduction of our son. We are pleased by your acceptance and support of him. Let us go forth together now and bring unity to the ranks. It is time, and the opportunity is here. Thank you, my sister, for opening yourself for me to speak these words on behalf of Ashtar and myself. I bid you adieu.
Saturday October 7, 2000
OK Rosie… are you ready to type for me?
First of all, I want to congratulate you on the conference. The two of you did a better-than-hoped-for fob given the time frame in which you had to work. I wish I could go into all the energetics that took place, but there is not time for that now. What I would like to do is prepare you for the energetics which are yet to take place.
Yes, much of this has to do with your work with my son. You will find the energy beginning to shift as he is with you more and more. As the three of you come together to work and plan, you will feel an energy shift which shall be unfamiliar to you. There is no need for concern, as it is merely the combining of the three energies into a more synergistic pattern. We have indicated to you before that between you and Debbie there has been what you might call another ‘being’ created.
This will be true also when the energies of the there of you merge… a new entity, of sorts, will come into being. The ‘trick’ is to hold and expand your own energy pattern while at the same time allowing your own energy to freely flow to the others.. thus, creating the fourth energy field. This is not something you need consciously focus on. If you stay within your center, it will be done automatically.
The biggest challenge in the three of you working together will of course, be ego. You are each my family…neither of you is what you would term ‘better’ or ‘more advanced’ that the other. You are each here, simply to do a different job. By working in tandem with each other, in love and harmony, your individual and collective jobs will get done to everyone’ satisfaction.
I apologize for coming to you first thing in your morning in what you term my ‘commander’ mode, rather than the more playful mode we usually meet in. There are, however, pressing matters at hand which need to be addressed and this seemed to be the most expedient time to do so. Forewarned is forearmed, yes?
Please be keenly aware of your egos as you come together to do this work… for that is the very thing which Zendor’s mission is honed to eradicate within the Command. It would serve no purpose for the three of you to get caught up in the same scenario. As I said, this is to be a group effort, a working together.. however, the prime motivator to remember is that this is Zendor’s mission and you are aiding him in all his endeavors.
In the end, it is his freewill choice which must prevail. We have every confidence that the three of you will be able to work together in harmony, pooling your collective guidance and discernment. Were we to NOT have this, the job would have gone to others. We trust and know that it has been chosen by the ‘right’ combination. We watch not from afar, but close, and our love and guidance are with you in all you do Adonai, Ashtar

"We, Ashtar and Athena, come forth this day to herald the arrival to your world of our son Zendor, sent to awaken and unify those earth-based members and Commanders of the Galactic Fleets working under the auspices of the Ashtar Command.


It is time for ego, pride, and separateness to be put aside. It is time for Oneness and Unity among our Command, and for this purpose he comes. Our son speaks and acts with our authority. Hear ye him.".. Ashtar and Athena. So far only a handful of folks around the world acknowledge their message.

The logo below was designed in cooperation with Ashtar through Merri Wright, also known as Sarabi, and Debbie Wright, also know as RevDeb. You might think the two are related with the same surname, which is not the case in our physical reality. Soul sisters they are indeed.


Ashtar, through Debbie, revealed that this logo was for my personal use in conjunction with the Mission of Unity amongst the Command. Sarabi, the artist, moved into the next realm as a fresh recruit in May of 2003. She had stated that there are certain activators in the logo that Ashtar and Athena had requested.

 ashtar command logo, zendor's ground crew logo

There has been some confusion introduced after the fact, so be prepared to use your own discernment. It's all good and bless their hearts for being available to bring this fantastic journey to light for me in a much grander way than I ever expected. Sometimes actions are only meant to serve the moment and we try to extend that moment to encompass a longer period that it was actually supposed to have in time.


It would seem that, at least on one level, Sarabi's duty transfer is exemplary of the unification of worlds as well. When I spoke to her several days after her transition she seemed surprised, yet not, that somehow I was able to communicate. It seemed so natural from the worlds we had been entertaining for years. I would introduce her to an old friend that had been on the other side for a few years prior.


At least in my mind I created the introduction, which included some very interesting nuances that would indicate it was not just a creation of my imagination. I tend to believe it was absolutely real. I've had an interesting relationship with the 'other side' since childhood and it has stood the test of time and relationships. Maybe you have too, but are a bit timid in telling others about your gift.


My relationship with the living, Deb and Janisel, gradually diminished over the next few years. The last time I saw them was at a Sacred Geometry conference in Sedona a few years later. Our paths took us different directions from there.


I have to admit that as time passed I questioned their entire operation, including my baptism. If it weren't for decades of experiences that led up to that moment, I would have dismissed it entirely. I believe their purpose was to bring me into the spotlight for a moment, just to acknowledge that the experience is real, and to help me gain a little comfortability in the process.


Still... who that heck am I to command such authority? I'm far from being in the public eye enough to truly make a difference. However, there are many realms of consciousness that I seem to frequent in the evolution toward oneness. Things seem to be changing lately, though. (2009)


Now in February of 2011 I've experienced several interesting spirals and twirls in consciousness over the last couple of years. In May of 2010 'the guys' showed up and, using some kind of high frequency instruments, piercing the cerebellum, which resounded in my cranial cavity like a dentist's drill only without the pain. The sensation was actually quite pleasant. When asked, they behaved rather casually and replied that it was just an upgrade.  Imagine what else has happened.



If you'd like for me to speak to your group and/or provide some experiential training processes, please contact us. I'm only available in the US for now. All I require is transportation, lodging and meals. Donations are appreciated, but not necessary.