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A Seminal View of Consciousness, Cosmology and the Congruent of Science and Spirituality

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Cosmic Conundrum:
Who Am I?

A Galactic Citizen  offers tips on personal awareness and consciousness.

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are we one? transformation of consciousness

Are We One?

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Making Sense Common in the New Millennium


aka... First Contact, 2012, Universe Status and a...
New World Order - Harmony among People and Planet

Overview of Presentation

Who Are YOU? The ulitmate quest, the Cosmic Conundrum, is to garner an understanding of self/Self and the relationship on the ocean of emotion. The enigma of self-awareness and our ability to manifest the life we were born to live calls for the ultimate scrutiny - of self. Who can show you the way? In this workshop, using the material in his Cosmic Conundrum workbook, Zendor guides you to a new understanding and wisdom. He's made the journey of death and rebirth, literally, and with years of research and study beyond his NDE (videos above) he is uniquely qualified to help you garner knowledge of self and surroundings - you and the world.


What is truth? Is it objective, subjective, all inclusive or mutually exclusive?making sense common Does it apply even when we deny it? Do we have the capacity to know it with our senses? Are we greater beings under limitations of modern science and spirituality? How about cosmic truth? Are we alone or preparing for a family reunion? How do we know who we are or where we are from? Notice the interesting symbols in the diagram to the right... of the CARBON ATOM. Did you know it's atomic structure is 666? Interesting... 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. Hmmm.. the 'number' of man?

making sense commonZendor has a vast experiential understanding of the nature of univeral or cosmic consciosness, so you are in for a treat. His presentation style is charismatic, engaging and transformative. Unlike many pure researchers, since early childhood Zendor’s life has been multidimensional in scope from direct experience of beings from many worlds. He’ll be sharing some of his experiences as they relate to the advancement of consciousness toward a new world order for humanity. The symbol to the left is part of his discovery delivered from an ancient guide, Zephyr, who lived in what is now the southwestern US over 20,000 years ago.

His personal research takes a practical perspective for living in NOW. How is that done? Zendor will disclose some correlative factoids regarding the evolution of consciousness as it applies to the close of the Long Count Tzolkin (Mayan Calendar) and 2012. You can relax, it is NOT the end of the world. You’ll experience some simply profound techniques for accessing your own knowing, your connectedness to All That Is and your ability to discern the BS from the PhD.zendor, zen benefiel, ashtar command You'll learn some profound yet simple techniques to develop your discernment.


Zendor has been around the UFO and Alien Agenda crowds and events for several decades operating as a coordinator, organizer and presenter. Rarely has he shared his own personal experiences. He's met and conversed with some of the top authorities, yet has remained out of the public view in order to garner better understanding and wisdom for the times. He shares a refreshing view, contrary to some and totally in alignment with others. You'll have to put him on the spot to find out.

zen benefiel, ashtar command, zendorAccording to some sources, cosmic volunteers that become self-actualized human beings master experiential knowing and translate their wisdom into 'righteous' acts, promoting the good of the order and all. They [self-actualized humans] are able to engage phenomena beyond our imagination and yet because of universal edicts, their lives are often hidden from public view. Celestial consciousness condensed into form like any other being is quite normal. Are you one of them?

Quantum relationships have been in the news lately, revealing newmaking sense common understanding of science and technology that includes The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know?, The Power of Intention, Shift Network, Thrive Movement and Zeitgeist among the works being presented by those who feel the movement and follow their intuition. Zendor will assist you to experience Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance' in a very local way, a detangled quantum entanglement.


Serendipitous synchronicities prevail in the daily living when one is awake and aware of their soul’s nature. Click 'a para-celestial logic syndrome' for a sample of Zendor's music, which has taken others into some pretty expansive inner worlds. What instrument do you think he plays?

  • What does it all mean?
  • How does it relate to you?
  • When is it all happening?
  • Where can you find reliable information?
  • Who is in charge of the change?


council of 300 giftElsewhere on this site you'll find information regarding the Council of 300 meeting that took place in February of 2001. We hear about 'First Contact' and have all kinds of possibilities as to how, who, when, where, what and maybe even why. Zen had a unique experience with this group that resulted in being given a plaque at the end of the series of meetings. You can see it here in a rough drawing, but imagine the sensations of being there in person.


Even before this, during the 1990s, Zen had many contacts and interactions with multiple extraterrestrial races in various scenarios, all of them familiar in some way. Some of those are described within this website, but to hear them first hand is much more exciting and interactive. He is quite open to questioning and often asks for his audiences not to believe a thing, but trust what you glean from the discussion. His memories are quite clear and he shares process and techniques with his audiences, often taking them on short journeys into other worlds as proof of their existence.


Full-day Workshop - $99

Come find out what a life-long contactee and universal spiritual path initiate has to say about the extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials, the future of humanity, planet earth, 2012 and beyond...


zen benefiel, coach, consultant, contacteeZen Benefiel – Bio

Born in Indianapolis, IN on June 30, 1957 at 2:50 am, he was adopted shortly after his birth. His birth time and place was not discovered until he was 39, but no adoption records are available. They were destroyed in a flood. Zen's Mayan GlyphSound like a set-up yet? His professional experience alone demands respect and includes full-charge of $7 million/month  in shipments for an aerospace company, high school curriculae for two charter schools, partnering facilitations for multi-million dollar road and bridge construction projects and event management for 250,000 patrons.


Beginning in the late 80s with the event, 'A Metaphysical Coming Together' his interview by Mel Young on KTAR radio began his public exposure. Zen has been an active player in the promotion of 'new age' consciousness. Many have come and gone in the Valley of the Sun. In the early 90s, hosting a television show, One World, provided a look into what keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile as he interviewed folks on how they overcame their inner and outer fears in life. Over 120 shows were produced. It was an educational experience like no other, probing deeper into the question of balance, internal harmony and a reflection in society. Can it be witnessed in today's world? If not, what can we do as an act of [belief, faith, trust] in each moment so that we can?


robin engel, zen benefielThroughout his adult life he has had numerous contactee experiences across a wide variety of races and spaces, from Draconian to Zeta and many in between, including on and off-planet varieties. He has been associated with the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation directly, but reticent to step out into the public stage as his experiences counter much of the current UFOlogy researchers to date. His efforts to reveal the message of collaboration among humans toward harmony among people and planet has been shared for nearly three decades.


In 2000, he was invited to present at ‘A Gathering of Souls’ conference which resulted in a public announcement of out-of-this-world proportions that was beyond his personal doing, it was his Being. Introduction to the world as Zendor, son of Ashtar and Athena garnered mixed responses, though. In February of 2001 he facilitated the ‘Council of 300’ meetings regarding First Contact and was given a commemorative plaque as a result. He was revealed as the liaison of 48 other multidimensional beings to a large group in Santiago, Chile later that year; again, none of his doing but nevertheless he was acknowledged as such but the Mission RAMA members who had been working with ‘Xendor.’zen benefiel, ashtar command


His articulation and understanding of Exopolitics, 2012 and the evolving human consciousness toward an interplanetary civilization is nothing short of brilliant, logical and timely. Although he’s done a tremendous amount of research, interviewing hundreds on the subjects as well as reading a plethora of reports (some ‘eyes only’ dating back to the Roswell incident), his knowledge and wisdom come from direct experience.


Although he doesn’t profess off-planet origins, the possibility could indeed be true based on his life experiences. He states, “I’m a guy with a mission led by my soul, activated through my heart and mind. I’m just able to pay attention and move when the spirit-circuits call for it. My name kinda says it all. The neat thing is that all of it has happened outside my personal will, but I have volunteered to be available. I just happen to show up and hold my attention on serving to the best of my ability. It’s all way beyond me, but I get to play.”


Zen is a divorcee and grandfather of 8, father of 4, with a successful professional background spanning numerous industries. He has a secondary teaching certification in Business, an MBA in project management, an MA in Organizational Management, is a certified Transformational Life Coach and Hypnotherapist as well as a facilitator for multi-million dollar road and bridge construction projects for the State of Arizona.


He’s been involved with the Christown Lion’s Club, Phoenix Indian Schoolmaking sense common Preservation Coalition, the Arizona Coalition for Peace, Justice and the Environment and the Phoenix Futures Forum to name a few. He currently serves as the President-Elect for the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development and co-facilitator for the Phoenix community group of the Institute for Noetic Sciences.


His web crafting includes Be The Dream, Mothership Café, Spectrum Academy, Team Partnering and Planetary Citizens. He is a Personal and Business Coach. Zen's blog speaks to the process of Zen, observing order in the chaos.


Requirements: $500, meal and lodging with 50% split @ $99. Book 90 days in advance.

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